“Voting Zone”- first $BNB liquidity game is launched!

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4 min readNov 6, 2021
Voting Zone Launched

Versus.Farm is happy to announce that our first liquidity game “Voting Zone” is now launched. A lot of testing and upgrading was done before we finally came up with the final version of the “Voting Zone” protocol. In this post we want to summarize what exactly the “Voting Zone” game is all about, what are the rules and key points of this gamified money-making protocol or what we call that in Versus Farm ecosystem, a liquidity game.

What is “Voting Zone”

Voting Zone

Voting Zone is designed to be a constantly running dapp protocol that allows users to compete against each other using their $BNB liquidity and win $BNB and $VERSUS rewards. Technically the Voting Zone dapp is built in a way where no third parties are involved in a game process, each and every interaction with smart contract is done by players only and all the calculations and reward measurement are calculated automatically by an algorithm and the code of this algorithm is open source.

“Voting Zone” Rules

There are 2 pools (blue and red) that are competing against each other. Players can vote their $BNBs in one preferable pool during the epoch. Epoch lasts 3 hours, so we can say that one Voting Zone game lasts for 3 hours as well. Users can vote with $BNB, no other tokens can be used to make a vote. In the end of the epoch, a pool that has more $BNBs voted into it wins. Users are free to decide which pool they want to vote for the first time during the epoch, but once they’ve voted, they can only vote for the same pool again, they are not allowed to vote into the opposite pool. But they will be free to choose which pool to vote for in the next epoch. Once the epoch ends and the winning pool is determined, the rewards are calculated and assigned to winners’ wallets. Winners should then claim their $BNB and $VERSUS rewards on a dashboard page.

Claim Reward

Winning pool

95% — sent back to those who staked into the winning pool. Winners get back 95% of their vote from winning pool + 70% of the $BNB liquidity of the pool that lost, but pays 5% of the commission out of their vote, that is why they get only 95% back of their own vote.
5% — sent to the $VERSUS stakers in Champion Pool at Farming Zone.

Losing pool

70% — sent to those winners who voted into the winning pool and proportionally divided among them. It means the bigger personal vote user have of the total winning pool vote , the more rewards this users will get out of this 70% reward liquidity.
30% — sent to the next epoch as a starting liquidity, meaning that 15% will be automatically voted into the red pool and another 15% will be automatically voted into the blue pool. It means that 30% of the losing pool of the current epoch is automatically sent into the next epoch with 15% voted into blue pool and 15% voted into red pool. It is important to have this starting liquidity in each epoch as in such a way we always have a liquidity that can be won by players, in other words pools are never empty.

$VERSUS Rewards

Even though $BNB is the token that users use in order to vote, $VERSUS token is also integrated into the Voting Zone game and is used as a reward token. Players get a specific static amount of $VERSUS token as a bonus each time they make a vote. For default, players are rewarded with 1 (one) $VERSUS each time they vote, but there are promotion periods, when the amount of $VERSUS that are rewarded for each vote will be increased. During these promotion periods players will be able to get maximum rewards, as they earn a good amount of $VERSUS each time they vote on top of the $BNB rewards they get from the game itself. Of course, it is also boosting the amount of $BNB that is entering the epoch, meaning that we also have solid stable rewards for our stakers!

Important Notice!

Please, make sure to completely understand the rules and risks of using this protocol before making your first vote. All votes are final and can not be cancelled. You are the one responsible for your votes. Also, keep in mind that no luck is involved in the game process and users need to create winning strategies with balanced risk/reward correlation in order to get stable rewards!

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