Cryptocurrency world has lots of different ways to earn good profits. People can earn from long-term investments, day-trading, investing in the project at early stages or just make business around cryptocurrency space. During last several years when DeFi and DEXes became so popular, brand-new profit-making strategies appeared as well. Staking, farming, harvesting, landing, rebase mechanisms, liquidity providing — a lot of people already made good profits using those features. But don’t you feel like all this stuff is kinda boring and way too formal? Don’t you want some action going on while making your profits? Don’t you want to determinate the outcome instead of just being a backseat passenger?

Inspired by all those questions above our team decided to build a gamified platform that will allow the community to compete versus each other in so-called “liquidity games”. It took us several months to design the protocol that will have both: active and passive rewards. That’s how VERSUS.FARM was born.

Now let’s have a closer look at the platform itself. Platform will be built on Binance Smart Chain as it will help us to reduce the fees that users will pay while interacting with platforms’ smart contracts. $BNB and $VERSUS will be two main currencies used inside the platform. While $BNB will be used for entering the liquidity games available on the platform, $VERSUS will allow users to get additional passive income.

First beta of VERSUS.FARM will be released in upcoming days. Detailed description of the protocol rules and step-by step guide will be posted as well. Please note that the most active beta testers will be rewarded so stay tuned for the announcements!

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