Versus Farm
3 min readJun 21, 2021

Our team is happy to announce that the first beta of the platform is live!

Please, note that this is the very first variant of the VERSUS.FARM protocol. The main goal of this release is to give our followers a chance to try out the platform and get a better idea of the basic mechanics of so-called «liquidity games». We also hope to get a wide feedback from our testers that will help up to improve the platform.

IMPORTANT: No real coins are involved in beta testing. You will get test $BNB and $VERSUS during the beta testing period.

Here is a quick guide on how to register as a beta tester:

1. Go to
2. Click «Generate Wallet» button.
3. You will get a unique seed phrase. Make sure to save this seed phrase. You will use it every time for platform log in.
4. Click «Unlock» button. This will send you inside the VERSUS.FARM platform.

Congrats, you have been registered as a beta tester!

Now, let’s have a better look on the platform.

1. To make a long story short, epoch is the limited timeframe of each game. You can think of like 1 football match lasts 90 minutes, so 1 liquidity game lasts 180 minutes (3 hours).

2. Voting zone is the place where the outcome of each game is determined. Basic protocol rules are quite simple: users have 2 pools (red and blue) they can vote their test $BNB to. Pool that has more $BNB voted into it by the end of the epoch wins. Users who voted their test $BNB into the pool that wins are proportionally rewarded by the 70% of the $BNBs which have been voted into the pool that lost. The remaining 30% of losing pool will be taken as the starting liquidity of the next epoch: 15% will be automatically voted into blue pool and 15% into red pool. Having starting liquidity is quite important, as there will always be a liquidity for rewards. Besides test $BNBs that beta testers will be able to win while playing liquidity games, they will also be rewarded with 1 test $VERSUS each time they join a liquidity game (only 1 test $VERSUS for 1 epoch). That will allow us to reward the most active beta testers in the end of beta. We also plan to use 3%-5% of the winning pool liquidity for $VERSUS holders. Please, note that this feature is not yet active in this beta as you get only test $VERSUS tokens for now.

3. You can see your current $BNB and $VERSUS balance below the voting zone.

Thanks for reading us and hope to see you as the beta tester of VERSUS.FARM

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Link to the VERSUS.FARM Beta