Launchpad Pool: 250% APR + Launchpad access

Hello, Versus Farm Community!

Let’s take this article as an announcement of our upcoming Launchpad Farming Pool. More detailed info on the mechanics of Versus Launchpad Pool will be shared below.

What is Launchpad Pool?

Launchpad Pool is a brand new farming pool that will be soon available at Versus Farming Zone. Users will be able to stake $versus for $versus rewards with fixed 250% APR. Another advantage of this pool besides one of the highest APR is a direct integration of this pool with Versus Launchpad.

Do users need to stake $versus in Launchpad Pool in order to be eligible for Launchpad deals?

Yes, Versus Launchpad will only be available for those users, who currently have an active stake in Launchpad Pool. As conditions are the same for every user, all stakers will have equal conditions in terms of personal allocation distribution.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of $versus available for a stake?

Users will need to stake the exact amount of 1000 $versus tokens in order to have an active stake. This exact amount may be changed in the future due to $versus token price movements.

Is using several wallets for staking allowed for users who want to stake more than 1000 $versus in Launchpad Pool?

Yes, if a user has, for example, 3000 $versus in total he or she can have 3 different wallets staking in Launchpad pool in order to have all $versus tokens used for earning farming rewards and accessing Launchpad deals.

How long is a stake period?

Stake period for Launchpad Pool is 30 days. Users can only stake 1000 $versus for an exact period of time of 30 days. During stake period users can’t unstake the initial 1000 $versus stake, but the rewards are available for claiming at any time. Users, who staked in Launchpad pool will have 30 days access to all deals hosted at Versus Launchpad. Once the stake period is over, users can unstake the initial stake and stake the required amount of $versus token again in case they wish to use Versus Launchpad for the next 30 days.

When will the Launchpad pool be available?

The initial development of Launchpad pool is finished. Team needs some more time for testing and polishing the existing version and as soon as everything is ready Launchpad pool will be opened.

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