Intro to “Versus Launchpad”

Hey, Versus Farmers! Hope you all are doing great.

In this article we want to reveal basic information on what Versus Launchpad is and how it is integrated into Versus Ecosystem. Make sure to check this information, as Versus Launchpad is an initial part of the project and is deeply integrated into Liquidity Games and Farming Zone.

Versus Launchpad

Along with other two important parts of the platform, Versus Launchpad is one more tool for the Versus community to make profits on Versus Platform. Since the very beginning of the project its goal was to provide different utilities for $versus token, creating in such a way a demand on this token among platform users. For example, half of the $versus circulating supply is now staked in Farming Zone pools. Versus Launchpad is one more way to benefit from holding $versus token. Versus Launchpad is an absolutely unique and custom-built mechanism that will allow users to discover and invest in the early staged crypto-projects and liquidity games while earning a passive reward on top.

Versus Launchpad + Farming Zone

Versus Launchpad and Farming Zone will be strongly integrated into each other, meaning that users will need to stake a certain amount of $versus in a specific Launchpad Pool that will be separately opened on Farming Zone. Only users who will stake the right amount of $versus in that pool will be allowed to use launchpad benefits. Users who stake in Launchpad pool will also get a stable passive reward, as like in any other pool that is now running at Farming Zone. A separate article with detailed description on how the new Launchpad Pool will work and what will be the requirements for staking will be published shortly before the Launchpad Pool starts.

Versus Launchpad + Liquidity Games

Liquidity games is something that makes Versus Farm a unique and self-sufficient platform, that is why it is important to constantly improve and extend this part, release new games with users and new utilities for $versus token. Versus Launchpad and Liquidity Games integration will help us to release new games faster and create a new market around $versus token.

Versus Launchpad + VERSUSPRO Token

Versus ProToken is an example of the benefits that users can get on the Versus platform for being its active user. As promised to the community, Versus ProToken holders will get direct access to the Launchpad deals. Versus ProToken holders are allowed to use Launchpad deals just for holding Versus ProToken on their bep20 wallet.

What’s Next?

As we move to the final Launchpad development stage, more info on Launchpad Farming Pool (required stake, APR, lock period) will be announced. Having all that will allow us to successfully host the first event at Versus Launchpad.

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